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What if I wait?

Many people choose to wait longer than they should to get treatment. The fact is that untreated hearing loss can impact far more than just your ears.

Criag and Karen at Van Doorne Hearing Care

The Van Doorne Difference

Our clients say they enjoy going to the audiologist. Come find out what separates Van Doorne from the rest!

Charles Van Drunen shares his journey about hearing loss.

Our Stories

Listen to a few stories from friends, Van Doorne patients who are enjoying working solutions for their hearing loss.

Don't let hearing loss keep you from doing what you love.

Explore the Possibilities

You never let things stand in the way of living life before, so why start now? Take back your life from hearing loss.

Better Hearing. Better Life. Count On It.

Your hearing care is our priority. We are dedicated to providing you with outstanding improvement of your particular hearing situation. We understand that each hearing loss – and life – is unique and treat each of our patients with the fullest measure of respect, attention, and personal care possible.

We believe that hearing aids should accommodate the needs of the wearer, not the other way around. As a result, we listen, we test, and we provide you with the best hearing aid for your specific hearing loss, lifestyle, and budget. No matter where advances in hearing technology may take us in the future, what sets Van Doorne Hearing Care apart is our devotion to personal service, here and now. Our patients actually like going to the audiologist…and so will you!

Even if you are not in Holland Michigan, we provide everyone with the best hearing care available. If you are looking for a professional audiologist in Zeeland MI, Grandville MI, or Grand Rapids MI then let us take care of your hearing - we will not disappoint.