Hearing Loop Systems

What is a Hearing Loop System?

The hearing loop system consists of a wire that is looped around the listening area, and a special amplifier.  The signal from the PA system is modified and circulated through this looped wire (transmitting antennae).  The resulting magnetic energy field is absorbed by a small coil of wire (receiving antennae) called a “T-Coil” or "telecoil" located inside hearing aids and cochlear devices.

Anyone with a telecoil compatible hearing aid can use the system without additional equipment. They simply switch their existing hearing aid to the “telecoil” position and they are wired directly into the church sound system or home loop.

It's like wiring the microphone directly into the hearing aid.

Listen to a story about Hearing Loops from NPR


Intelligibility is greatly increased because the distance between the speaker and the listener is bridged, and background or environmental noise is almost eliminated.  There is no echo or distortion produced by the room and sound system.  The sound is mixed and adjusted by the hearing aid to compensate for each individual's hearing loss, giving them as close to true sound reproduction as possible with an assistive device.

In West Michigan we are lucky enough to live in an area that has a lot of installed induction loops in our churches, theaters, concert halls and even the airports.  Holland/Zeeland is the epicenter of looping in the US.   Therefore, at Van Doorne Hearing Care, we like to fit hearing devices with T-Coils so they are loop compatible. 

Can I use this technology at my home?

Yes! Home Induction Loop systems transmit the signal from a TV or home theater.  The signal is picked up by a small coil of wire inside the hearing aid, called a T-Coil.  The signal from the loop plays through the customized hearing aid programming.

To the listener, it sounds like the speaker is sitting on their shoulder, talking directly in their ear!

Hearing Loop Systems work in:

  • Living rooms
  • Retirement facility or dinning rooms
  • Bank teller and pharmacy windows
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Movie theaters
  • Concert halls
  • Auditoriums
  • Vehicles

Craig Van Doorne of Van Doorne Hearing Care has completed the Wireless Hearing Solutions training program and has demonstrated proficiency in all aspects of induction loop system design and installation.

Van Doorne Hearing Care in Holland will be making this technology available to the West Michigan area through Mr. Van Doorne’s expertise. In the home environment, the patients of Van Doorne Hearing Care will benefit from this technology through hearing loop systems designed for their TV's with the purchase of T-Coil equipped hearing aids.

If you have questions or would like a demonstration of a hearing loop system call Van Doorne Hearing Care at 616-796-8397