About Van Doorne Hearing Care

Our Approach

“We don't give cookie-cutter solutions to so-called cookie-cutter clients.  We take special care to provide the best hearing solution designed just for you, accompanied by the utmost in personal care.  We're not here just to sell hearing aids.  Our goal is to give you a means to an end – to improve your communications with your family, friends and co-workers.  We aren't done until that goal is met.” 
- Dr. Karen Van Doorne

We understand your difficulties with hearing loss.  In fact, since Dr.Karen has had family members with hearing loss, we know firsthand about hearing challenges and the effects they have on individuals and their families. 

Our Office

Craig Van Doorne, BC-HIS, performing real-ear testing

Our office is fully equipped with state-of-the-science hearing instruments and services.  You'll receive a personalized hearing aid prescription, personal fitting, and verification with real ear measurements.  This includes calibrating your hearing device to make sure you have the recommended audibility for all sounds and verify all the components of the hearing aids are working.

Your successful use of hearing amplification depends upon your brain's ability to re-learn how to hear and interpret sound - therefore we provide a unique software package with exercises to speed that process.

When you choose Van Doorne Hearing Care, you'll receive the tools you need to meet your hearing goals. You will get your life back.

Craig demonstrating Bluetooth streaming devices

Our Service

Our hearing health program is the most sophisticated in the area and will give you years of satisfaction. Knowing that the tools and services we provide are based in the latest research in best practices and the standards we have are second to none, we can work together to get back to the things you once enjoyed.

Van Doorne Hearing Care's Compete Range of Services

Hearing instruments purchased at our office come with Complete Hearing Health Care, the most comprehensive service plan available in the area.

  • Full time availability
  • Quarterly cleaning and adjustments
  • Cerumen management as needed to assure the best hearing possible
  • Yearly audiometric screening for the purpose of reprogramming if necessary
  • Free premium batteries  for 5 years with your biannual appointment
  • Ear measurement annually to verify you are getting maximum benefits
  • Reprogramming as required to keep your instruments fully effective during the entire time you have them.

Our Staff

Karen Van Doorne Nagelkirck, AudiologistKaren Van Doorne, AuD, FAAA

Karen Van Doorne, Doctor of Audiology, is Holland, Michigan's trusted hearing doctor (audiologist) having delivered successful hearing solutions since 1976.  Dr. Van Doorne is a clinical audiologist with extensive experience in the evaluation and treatment of hearing disorders and the fitting of hearing instruments.  She seeks continuous training in the latest digital technologies from the leading manufacturers and has achieved Academy Scholar for her continued studies in the field of audiology and hearing sciences.

Read Karen's entire biography.


Craig P. Van Doorne, A.A., BC-HIS

Craig Van Doorne, BC-HIS has extensive training in digital hearing systems and is skilled in hearing assessment, the selection, programming, and fitting of hearing aids, and counseling.  Craig assists in the follow-up care of our patients using hearing technology, and provides hearing aid maintenance and repair services.  Craig is also very knowledgeable in loop and bluetooth technology and has received his audiology assistant degree from Nova Southwestern University and is Board Certified in Hearing Instruments.