August 2013

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Should I wear one hearing aid or two?

For most people with hearing loss, two hearing aids are better than one. Your brain works best when it receives sound from both ears. It is easier to understand speech in background noise, localize where sounds are coming from, and hear from both sides. Sound quality and clarity is generally better. Additionally, it is important for both ears to stay active to maintain good speech understanding ability. There are times where one ear may not benefit from amplification, but for most people, two hearing devices are best. A hearing loss in only one ear would require a different approach.


Can hearing aids improve the ringing in my ears (Tinnitus)?

Often the answer is YES. Once a medical cause for your tinnitus is ruled out, hearing devices may be the next step to relief. One theory of the cause of tinnitus is that the hair cells that activate the hearing nerve died in the “on” position, thus causing your hearing loss and tinnitus.  Hearing instruments can improve the way you hear and understand people while at the same time minimize the tinnitus. These sound effects helps your brain learn to “tune it out.” Some users report a reprieve from their tinnitus for hours after taking the devices off.


I don’t like to fiddle with things. Can I just put on hearing device and forget about it?

Yes. Many of the newer technologies are designed to be fully automatic once customized for your needs. Your job is to just ensure the devices are clean, have a fresh battery and properly placed in your ears. The device “listens” to the environment around you and adjusts the amount of amplification to allow for the best speech understanding or comfort for your current environment .


Are hearing aids waterproof?

Water and electronics don't mix. However, there are new coatings and technology that allow hearing aids to be very water resistant. There is even one completely waterproof aid on the market and with the correct earmold you can even swim with it! However, with the waterproof aid there are some strict cleaning and maintenance requirements to retain the warranty. So the answer is: Yes! With all the new advances we are no longer worried about a little bit of rain if we get caught outside, or perspiration on those hot days or with exercise.