July 2016

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Hearing Loss: Causes and Types

Man holding hand to ear simulating difficulty hearing

To express that hearing loss is widespread is somewhat of an understatement. In the United States, 48 million people describe some extent of hearing loss. That means, on average, for every five people you encounter, one will have hearing loss. And at the age of 65, it’s one out of three.

With odds like that, how do you prevent becoming one of those five?


The Link Between Music, Emotion, and Motivation

woman listening to music smiling

What’s your favorite song?

Without knowing you, it would be almost impossible for me to guess, due to the large number and diversity of music genres. But it would be safe for me to assume that your favorite song most likely brings about a strong emotional reaction.


Is Your Hearing Loss Costing You Money?

Businessman holding empty pocket

Out of the 48 million Americans that describe some extent of hearing loss, 60 percent are presently in the workforce. That means millions of Americans head to work each day with less than perfect hearing.


How Your Career Choice Could Cost You Your Hearing

Construction worker wearing earplugs

When researching the many factors that go into your career choice, we bet that your long-term hearing health is pretty low on the priority list—if it’s there at all. We get it.