August 2016

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What to Expect at Your Hearing Test

Otoscope and headphones on top of audiogram

The hearing exam really is the easy part. The difficult part is acknowledging your hearing loss and actually scheduling the hearing test in the first place.


The Top 10 Signs of Hearing Loss

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You may think hearing loss should be simple to spot, but it’s not as easy to recognize as you may believe.

First, most individuals with hearing loss have trouble only with select sounds and in specified scenarios. Consequently, if you can hear normally on some occasions, you’ll be inclined to blame other factors or other people for the times you do have trouble hearing.


Reviewing Your Tinnitus Treatment Options

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Although it’s true that there is presently no scientifically-proven way to cure tinnitus, researchers are hard at work to discover one. In the meantime, a range of tinnitus therapy options exist that can afford considerable relief.


Review Your Provider and Help Others Achieve Better Hearing

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Did you know that you can help future patients and your healthcare professional simultaneously just by providing a brief, honest review online?