October 2016

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How to Enhance Work Productivity with Sound and Music

Mountain stream

We’ve all read the traditional advice on enhancing productivity on the job: don’t multi-task, limit interruptions, say no to meetings, establish self-imposed deadlines, etc.

But what about the manipulation of background sound? Can improving work productivity really be as simple as playing targeted types of sounds or music?

It turns out that both nature sounds and music have been found to have valuable effects on the job.


Tinnitus Treatment Solutions: Hearing Aids

Woman holding hand to head in pain

In the US, tinnitus affects 20 percent of the total population, and hearing loss occurs in 90 percent of those cases.

With such a substantial connection between hearing loss and tinnitus, you would assume that people would be more likely to seek out treatment for one or both conditions.


Halloween Special: Why Do Certain Sounds Scare Us?

Jack-o-lantern in window

What do the best horror movies all have in common?

They all have unforgettable soundtracks that bring about an instantaneous sensation of terror. In truth, if you watch the films without any sound, they become a lot less frightening.

But what is it regarding the music that makes it terrifying? More specifically, if sounds are just oscillations in the air, what is it about our biology that causes us to react with fear?