November 2016

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Amp Up Your Exercise Routine with Hearing Aids

People running on treadmills at the gym

Creating a regular workout routine does wonders for our health, but it can be challenging to remain inspired before and during the workout.

Let’s admit it, the act of exercising itself is usually not enjoyable. We do it mainly for the outcome and future health benefits, but it can be tough to push through the stress and pain of the actual physical exercises.


What to Look For When Buying Hearing Aids

Checklist with hand checking off items

The process of buying hearing aids was in the past much easier. There were only a few styles to select from and they all fundamentally functioned the same way, which was to say not very well.


5 Sounds to be Mindful of This Thanksgiving

Family gathered around the table for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the ideal opportunity to reflect on all the things we normally take for granted throughout the year.

And that includes our capacity to hear.

While sight, smell, and taste are at the forefront of our mind throughout the holidays, hearing commonly takes a back seat—that is, until we start paying better attention.


10 Things You Didn’t Know About Hearing Loss

Arrows on a blackboard with the words facts and myths

How well do you know the facts about hearing loss?

We’ve discovered that our patients are virtually always surprised to learn about hearing loss, about how common it is and how it strikes all age groups. They’re also quite surprised to learn how hearing loss can have an impact on all aspects of health.