Hearing loops


Problems with hearing loop systems in the UK

Many shops in the UK do not provide looping systems for people with hearing loss. And among those who do, many are out of order.

The British organisation for the hearing impaired, RNID, has investigated more than 1,500 businesses across the UK. They found a shocking lack of loop systems in shops and services.

The RNID survey found that:

  • 86 % of services were inaccessible for hearing aid users 
  • 945 out of the 1,518 premises visited did not have a loop fitted at all.
  • Of those 573 businesses surveyed which did have loops, only 38% of them had loops that were working, switched on and signposted. 


It takes a village – or at least a lot of people – to make sure the growing population of hearing impaired Americans have access to better hearing in all venues.   It is no wonder that a hearing disability is unfashionable when we are either embarrassed to acknowledge our hearing loss or afraid to wear a hearing device that others will notice and confirm that we are not perfect.  When did eyeglasses become fashionable, even without prescription lenses, and hearing devices are not? 


Van Doorne Hearing Care is now looped!

We support the Loop.

Van Doorne Hearing Care is now looped!  We support the Loop America Initiative. Now, we can not only verify the integrity of your T-coil in the office, but we can also loop homes for better listening to TV or, with the use of a mic, each other! This is a welcome service that enhances your listening experience tremendously! 

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