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Update on the "spouse mic" from Oticon

How Oticon's ConnectLine Microphone has changed my life.

Ok I have had a lot of time with this small microphone that Oticon released recently and here are my thoughts:

WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG?  Seriously, it is the most wonderful product I have seen in a long time…maybe ever, for helping those “companions” of those with hearing loss.  (And I know…this wasn’t possible before the advent of wireless technology so I get why it wasn’t available. I was kidding about that.)


The most awesome thing just happened to hearing aids

ConnectLine Microphone is a new addition to Oticon’s family of Bluetooth (TM) solutions. 

As a wireless companion microphone, ConnectLine Microphone helps with one-on-one communication in difficult listening situations by improving signal-to-noise ratios for the instrument user.

To the majority of people, this email blast would go unnoticed. Audiologists get blasted with marketing and new releases constantly, and, like you, get numb to it with the business of life and work.

But this little announcement is a really big deal…especially to me.

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