8 Crazy Things You Should Really Want to Know About Earwax

Man cleaning earwax from his ears by pulling tissues out of ear

There are likely to be a few things you don't understand about earwax. After all, it’s not a normal part of a conversation, right? Like what's the job of this strange sticky substance and why is it made? Consider eight ever so interesting details about cerumen -- that's earwax for most people -- that you didn't even know were essential to hearing health.


How Those Sweet Treats Can Make Tinnitus Terrifying

Child reaching for a tempting cookie from a plate on the table.

Will diet play a role in the ringing that comes with tinnitus? Often when a doctor diagnoses tinnitus in a patient, the first step is to call for a professional hearing test. Tinnitus is a symptom that can indicate damage to the delicate hair cells found in the inner ear, which is at the heart of many kinds of hearing loss. Inner ear issues are not the only possible cause of tinnitus, though.


Is It Possible You Will Lower the Risk of Alzheimer’s With a Hearing Exam

Trees depict dementia through hearing loss by dying and losing leaves.

Hearing and dementia -- is there a connection? Not long ago, medical science did link these brain-related conditions and loss of hearing. More than one clinical study determined that even mild hearing loss left untreated increases a person’s chance of developing dementia.