Tinnitus: Maybe It's More Than Just Ringing In Your Head

Woman holding her ear in pain from tinnitus Do you hear that ringing in your ears and wonder where it comes from? You're not alone. It is estimated by the Hearing Health Foundation that 20 percent of Americans hear that same ringing sound, or ones similar to it, each day.


How Hearing Loss Might Possibly Damage Your Social Life

Is hearing loss more than a minor problem? Left undiagnosed, hearing loss has an extreme effect on life including damaging physical health, job performance and, yes, even social life. Some individual can take their hearing for granted, that's until they start noticing little changes like conversations that seem unclear or TV sound that no longer works. It might take a minute for them to connect the dots between the things they no longer hear and their potentially failing ear health.


The Best Hearing Advice I’ve Ever Received

When hearing problems start, so does the advice.

The first suggestion is usually, “You should get your hearing checked.”

But to be honest, when loved ones first start lobbing that advice, most people don’t immediately jump in the car and drive madly to the hearing clinic. And they probably won’t mention a possible hearing problem to their family doctor, either—who should have brought this up already with the patient, don’t you think?