Stories from Our Clients

What people are saying about Van Doorne Hearing Care

Here are a few stories from friends, Van Doorne clients, who are enjoying working solutions for their hearing loss, for whom better hearing is not a wish, but a reality.

See how they're living happier lives with customized hearing aids from Van Doorne Hearing Care.

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Steve worked for years as an engineer for CSX railroad around loud engines and clanging box cars which contributed to his hearing loss.

"While the hearing aids are wonderful that I have seen on guys my age and older, they're fantastic and you can hardly see them, I just really wasn't quite ready for that yet. So Craig had this new instrument and it was called an "amp" and he showed me this little tiny hearing amp that nobody can see. Nobody has ever been able to see it! I've been wearing these amps for about 6 months now and I have never had a person say, "I noticed you're wearing aids now and in fact when I've told people that I'm wearing a hearing amplifier they would not believe me until i would actually take it out and show it to them. I mean, they would come within a foot of my ear and look in my ear and they could never see it! So, that was pretty impressive for me."

David V.
Holland, PA

Both Dr. Karen and Craig listen to each client, always working out a plan that works for each person with the best possible results, and keeping in touch with the client's financial limit. The office is beautiful with so many special touches and the equipment to examine each client is way above the norm. After every visit we feel like we we're leaving a spa and on our tune up trips to the office, the service and friendship is so real and appreciated. We are both very proud to say we are happy, hearing clients of Van Doorne Hearing Care. I praise them to my friends and even strangers when the question of hearing difficulties come up.

Lynne and Dan Mixer
Traverse City, MI

“When I did get my hearing aids I could actually hear the birds sing in the morning. Its just phenomenal what hearing aids can do for ones quality of life. You miss so much if you have any amount of impaired hearing. You go out to dinner or you go to an event or wherever. One other thing too, I'm a Grandville City Council Member and I can tell you right now that if I didn't have my hearing aids on I would miss out on an awful lot of important dialogue that an elected member of the community needs to know. So again, thank you Dr. Van Doorne, I appreciate it, my life just keeps going on and getting better relative to my hearing so, thank you!”

Grandville, PA

"I highly recommend Karen as both an Audiologist and a business professional. Her acumen and professionalism as an audiological professional was the best I saw in the industry - I would travel to her for any of my hearing needs. More unique is her understanding & balance of "working on the business" while working in the business. Her caring attitude of the patient and the business creates the ultimate climate for success."

Peter Marzolf
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"I would like to express my thanks to Karen for never giving up on me. Each time I returned with a problem she greeted me with a warm smile and another idea to help me. I have a severe jaw movement that pushed my hearing aids out to the ear edge causing loss of hearing. She changed ear molds until she found the right ones. These stay in place and are comfortable to wear. Thank you, Karen."

Grandville, Michigan

Several years ago, faced with hearing loss that impaired my position of employment, I went to Dr. Karen Van Doorne. Through her personal care and experience, I once again had the hearing confidence at work and home that I had not experienced in years. Don't lose the quality of life that hearing brings. Know that you can get trust the integrity and care that Dr. Karen provides.

Gerry Vander Veen
Allendale, MI

"Harold and I would like to thank you so much for the wonderful care and help you have given us concerning our starting to use hearing aids. Harold is so thrilled and tells everyone he wishes he had done this years ago. Im excited to get mine in a few weeks. Your expert information, kind, patient and gentle care make all the difference."

Harold and Jennifer C.
Grandville, MI

"Karen is tops in her field. She is extremely knowedgable and honest and cares deeply for the needs and results of her patients. There is no need to look anywhere else to have your hearing challenges addressed and taken care of. Karen's many years of experience and positive results speak volumes to her skills and abilities in this, her delicate and specialized field of expertise. She has helped so many, including mutual clients. See her. She can help!"

John Fanthorpe
Hudsonville, Michigan

"One of the very special things, my granddaughter got on the phone, Chloe - she's seven years old, and she whispered in the phone and she said "grandma I love you" and I said "I love you more" and we both had a laugh and she yelled back at her mom and dad and said "Hey! Grandma can hear"! A lot of times this happens, grandparents can't hear the grandchildren. I love my hearing aids, I'm an outdoor person and I also work with a lot of people at where I teach at Evergreens in the Aquatic Center and I don't have to run around and say "What did you say"? And for outdoors, I love to walk the beaches, hear the waves hit the shore. In the fall I love to go for walks, hear the leaves and the trees and the birds....its made a great change in my life!"

Barb A.
Holland, PA

"I have known Karen professionally for many years. During that time, she has been dedicated to helping children and adults achieve their best potential for hearing ability while also being responsive to their related educational and social needs. I have worked with Karen in the school setting and have also sought her help for two family members with hearing problems. Karen's professional care and accuracy has made a positive life difference for many children and for my own family. "

Janet Manglitz
Holland, Michigan

"Karen is the best! She is a very kind and friendly person who listens and understands what needs to be done to help, and she applies her vast knowledge and expertise to make your hearing instrument(s) perform their best for your hearing benefit."

Nancy S. Kraker
Allendale, Michigan

"I managed to be more “relaxed and not so frustrated like I have been in the past. I love my hearing aids. I have found I am not as tired as I used to be when I come home from work. I am not straining to hear people like I did with my old ones. I have had some teary moments with new sounds I haven’t heard in a long time. Its all been good! Please tell Dr. Karen “ Thank you from the bottom of my heart”! I have been truly blessed."

Anya F.
Holland, PA