We can create custom hearing protection or molds for many different experiences:

Musicians Earplugs™

Musicians earplugs (preserves the fidelity of sound and still provides hearing protection (doesnt roll off the highs)

Musicians Earplugs are custom high-fidelity earplugs developed by ETYMOTIC over 20 years ago, following president Dr. Mead Killion’s participation in a noise study for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. They are still the highest fidelity of any earplugs available. Musicians Earplugs are a custom product, made individually for each user.


  • Reduces sound levels evenly so that music and speech are clear and natural, not muffled as with other earplugs
  • Reduces risk of hearing damage for many noisy occupations and noisy venues, such as airshows, parades, athletic events and motor sports
  • Enhances the music experience for audiences while protecting hearing
  • Lets musicians hear their own instrument and their blend with others.
Snore Plugs


  • 3 levels of sound reduction: 9 dB, 15 dB and 25 dB
  • Interchangeable buttons
  • Custom earmolds require ear impressions

Snore Plugs 

Swim plugs for children and adults

Pilot custom ear molds for communication