The Oticon Streamer is not only a handy remote that lets users control the volume on their hearing instruments with just one button.  It also gives users access to cell phones, making it easy and comfortable to stay in touch.

Streamer also makes the cell phone easy to use. The user can take incoming calls by simply pressing a button on Streamer to enjoy a clear, hands-free phone conversation because Streamer has transformed the hearing instruments into a wireless headset! This is especially convenient when the user is engaged in other tasks such as driving.

Streamer Pro

  • Excellent sound quality
  • Pairs with up to eight devices
  • Easy to use

Oticon ConnectLine is a system for users to get the most out of their hearing instruments in more situations than ever. Starting with Oticon Streamer Pro, the user is in total control – not only of program shifts and hearing instrument volume, but of wireless sources of audio-based information, entertainment and communication.


  • Works with Streamer and its fully integrated protocol
  • TV, landline phone, cell  phone, networked phone, companion mike and hearing loop all accessed via Streamer Pro
  • Streamer Pro can b e used with most existing Oticon products.
  • Easy plug and play connections to your cell phone and TV
  • Nothing to recharge — adaptors work on their own power supply
  • Push button pairing — no access codes to enter

Enhancing Connections with ConnectLine and Streamer Pro